If you are looking for fine dining at Disney World, signature dining restaurants are something your must check out!

Signature Dining Restaurants at Disney World

When it comes to Walt Disney World, eating is probably the second most important part of a trip, next to the rides.  There are plenty of ways to get your grub on, from snack carts to counter service locations to table service.  You can even find lots of quality food at the myriad of festivals that happen at Epcot throughout the year.  However, if you are truly interested in high-end dining, then you have to check out the various signature dining restaurants at Disney World.

In this post, we’ll cover the basics of what signature dining is at Disney World along with information on the various signature dining restaurants.  If we’ve eaten at a signature dining restaurant, we’ll link to our review of that establishment.  You’ll want to check those out, as not all restaurants are created equal!

Before we get to the listing of the restaurants, we figured we’ll cover some of the basics of what signature dining is at Disney World.

What are Signature Dining Restaurants?

At their core, signature dining restaurants are restaurants that usually feature a high-end menu and décor.  You’ll find fancier touches in these restaurants, and often a higher level of service.  However, we’ll also say that better service is not always the case.

What do Signature Dining Restaurants Cost?

The high-end food, décor and atmosphere come at a higher price.  At many of these restaurants, you’ll find can cost at least $50 per person to eat here.  Depending on what your food and drink preferences are, it could be significantly more than that.

If you are eating on the Disney Dining Plan, you can pretty much assume that you will have to use two table service credits to have dinner at a signature dining restaurant.  There is one hack here to minimize your credit usage.  That hack would be called lunch!  In some, but not all restaurants, if you eat lunch instead of dinner, it will only cost you one table service credit.  Some of these restaurants will serve a scaled-back menu for lunch, so you do lose some options.  Make sure you compare the menus on Disney’s website to see how they differ.

Make Sure you Have a Park Ticket

Many of these signature dining restaurants are located within the various Disney World parks.  Remember, if you book a meal at one of those locations, you will need valid park admission to get to the restaurant.  You’d hate to get to the park and not be able to get in for your meal!

Do Signature Dining Restaurants Have a Dress Code?

This is probably not an answer you want, but it depends.  Some restaurants like Victoria and Albert’s have an unambiguous and strict dress code that requires a coat for men.  Other restaurants are more relaxed on the dress code because they are situated in the theme parks.  It’s relatively difficult to enforce a dress code when guests have been trouncing around a park in 90-degree heat all day.

Make sure you read up on any restaurant you are interested in to see what their exact requirements are.

The List of Signature Dining Restaurants at Disney World

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics of Disney World signature dining restaurts, let’s get into what all the options are.  Currently, there are 24 signature dining locations to choose from.  One thing we do want to point out is that this listing is not a ranking.  We have not eaten at all of these signature dining restaurants, so we don’t feel like we can do a full ranking yet.  We will do one eventually, just not yet.

We’ve organized the list by each of the respective theme parks restaurants are located in.  We then follow that with restaurants located within the various Disney World resorts.  Lastly, we list out the restaurants you can find in Disney Springs.

Magic Kingdom

Cinderella’s Royal Table

This is one of the more iconic meals because of where it is located.  You get to dine inside of Cinderella Castle at this signature dining restaurant.  The other notable thing is that this is a character meal that features Cinderella and other princesses.  You can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table.

We have a full Cinderella’s Royal Table lunch review on the blog if you’re thinking about eating here.  Make sure you read it!


Le Cellier Steakhouse

Le Cellier is located in the Canada pavilion in Epcot.  This is a steakhouse that is designed to feel like you are eating in a wine cellar.

We have eaten here, so you can see how we felt about it in our Le Cellier review.

Monsieur Paul

You’ll find Monsieur Paul in the France pavilion of Epcot.  Consistent with the pavilion’s theme, this is a French-inspired restaurant.  If you are looking for it, the restaurant is actually located on the second floor of the building that Chef de France is in.

If you get a window table here, you could potentially have a view of the Epcot fireworks show, but that isn’t guaranteed.


Located in the Japan pavilion, Takumi-Tei serves up Japanese cuisine in a high-end dining experience.  You’ll be seated in one of five rooms that are inspired by a natural element—water, wood, earth, stone, or washi paper.  These seating areas feature beautiful, handcrafted artwork honoring the element that inspires it.

This signature dining location also offers up a chef’s table experience.

Takumi-Tei does not take the Disney Dining Plan.

Hollywood Studios

The Hollywood Brown Derby

Located over in Hollywood Studios, The Hollywood Brown Derby is the lone signature dining restaurant in that park.  The restaurant is an homage to the golden era of Hollywood.  You’ll find a restaurant with fun touches like caricatures of famous celebrities on the wall.  Those are contrasted with a heavy dark wood décor.

This is a restaurant we had lunch at, which you can read about in our Hollywood Brown Derby lunch review.

Animal Kingdom

Tiffins Restaurant

Tiffins Restaurant features a diverse menu featuring the flavors of Africa and Asia.  You’ll find Tiffins inside of Animal Kingdom along the path towards Pandora from Discovery Island.  If you are trying to get a last-minute reservation, this may be one of the more accessible options.

From a theme perspective, Tiffins is interesting because it features artifacts and décor that represents the inspiration for the park itself.


Topolino’s Terrace

If you’re looking for a restaurant that has a view of fireworks shows at Epcot and Hollywood Studios, Topolino’s Terrace is the place for you.  The restaurant features a wide array of cuisines, with French and Italian flavor profiles.  You’ll find this signature dining restaurant on the 10th floor of Disney’s Riviera Resort.

We ate here shortly after the restaurant opened, and you can read all about it in our Topolino’s Terrace review.

Jiko – The Cooking Place

It will take a little work to get to Jiko, as it is located in Jambo House at Animal Kingdom lodge.  Jiko, features African, Indian, and Mediterranean cuisine.  You’ll find a wide and varied menu with anything from steak to fish and even lamb.  The menu here changes seasonally.  Jiko is only open for dinner.

If you are interested in Jiko but want to up the experience level a bit, then you can look into the Wanyama Safari.  This safari takes you out onto the grounds of Animal Kingdom Lodge, where you can get closer to the various animals at the resort.  After the safari, you will finish up with a meal at Jiko.  We haven’t done this, so can’t opine on the quality or if the menu is different.


Cítricos is located at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.  This signature dining location features American cuisine infused with Mediterranean flavors.  They only serve dinner here.  You’ll find wrought-iron railings that resemble vineyard grapevines, along with Old World furnishings and mosaic-tiled floors.  Some of the tables look out over the Grand Floridian Grounds.

Cítricos touts an “epic” wine list; however we have not eaten here so can’t attest to that claim.


As our list continues, we stay over at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa for another signature dining restaurant.  This time it is the seafood-based restaurant called Narcoossee’s.  The restaurant sits on the shores of Seven Seas Lagoon.  Depending on where you are situated in the restaurant, you could get a view of the Magic Kingdom Fireworks show for the night.

Victoria & Albert’s

If two signature dining restaurants at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa wasn’t enough for you, don’t worry.  There is another!  That would be Victoria & Albert’s, which is probably the flagship signature dining experience at Disney World.  You’ll enjoy American cuisine served in a classic Victoria setting.  The restaurant has been awarded the AAA Five Diamond Award.

Eating at the chef’s table is a high end and intimate experience that we want to do someday.  This is one of two restaurants at Disney World to offer this experience.

Make sure you understand the dress code requirements, as there are no exceptions.

Victoria & Albert’s does not accept the Disney Dining Plan, so you have to pay out of pocket here.  The restaurant only serves dinner.  It also features an extensive wine list.  If you want high-end dining, this is as high as it gets at Disney World.

Il Mulino

Did you know that there are signature dining restaurants that aren’t at Disney owned properties?  It’s true!  Il Mulino is one of those restaurants.  It is located at the Swan Hotel, which is on Crescent Lake near Epcot and the Boardwalk, Yacht and Beach Club resorts.

Il Mulino is an Italian trattoria that features traditional Italian cooking from the Abruzzi region of Italy.  You’ll find a sophisticated look, including red-brick arches and exposed beam ceilings, that create a rustic charm, while dark wood tones, colored-glass windows and a sleek bar area bring a more modern feel.  The restaurant is only open for dinner.

Shula’s Steak House

Shula’s is another steakhouse at Disney World.  This one is located at the Dolphin Hotel.  The Dolphin is located next to the Swan on Crescent Lake.  If you are familiar with football, you might recognize the Shula name.  The restaurant carries Don Shula’s name and features memorabilia from his run as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

Shula’s does not take the Disney Dining Plan.

Todd English’s bluezoo

Also the Dolphin Hotel, you’ll find Todd English’s bluezoo.  This trendy feeling restaurant serves up seafood in an atmosphere that is meant to feel like you are underwater.  Only dinner is served here.

This restaurant does not take the Disney Dining Plan.

Yachtsman Steakhouse

As the name implies, this is another steakhouse at Disney World.  You’ll find Yachtsman over at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort.  This steakhouse has a New England theme that features knotty-pine wood beams and nautical décor.  It feels like a classic steakhouse to us.

There are several different steak options available here, and you’ll find the sides served family-style.

We did a review of Yachtsman Steakhouse after our recent visit there.

Flying Fish

You’ll find Flying Fish over at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn.  Because of its location, it is very convenient to Epcot.  As you might guess from the name, seafood is the focus of the menu here.

California Grill

This is one of the more scenic signature dining restaurants at Disney World, because of the view that comes with it.  You can watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the restaurant, but it also has a great view looking out over Seven Seas Lagoon.  This restaurant is located at the top of Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

The menu is more diverse than most restaurants, featuring dishes like steak, pizza, seafood, and sushi.  You’ll also find an extensive wine assortment here.

You can read all about our experience in our California Grill review.


Capa is another signature dining location that is at a non-Disney owned property.  This restaurant is located in the Four Seasons Resort.  Capa is a Spanish-influenced rooftop steakhouse.  The décor of the restaurant features dark wood finishes and matador-inspired colors of deep black and crimson, highlighted by light gray flourishes.

Disney Springs

The Boathouse

This is the first restaurant on our list that is over at Disney Springs.  The Boathouse features seafood and steaks.  It overlooks the small lake that Disney Springs is nestled against and has a great waterfront dining setup.

If you’ve been through Disney Springs before, this is the location next to where you can get the neat little Amphicars.


Paddlefish is a seafood restaurant located in Disney Springs.  You’ll find it inside an actual paddleboat anchored on Lake Buena Vista.  This signature dining restaurant was voted a “Best Seafood Restaurant” in 2018 by Orlando Magazine readers.

Morimoto Asia

I guess we haven’t really mentioned that there are certain signature dining restaurants at Disney World that are run by celebrity chefs.  Morimoto Asia is just one of those restaurants.  Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto is the chef behind this Asian restaurant in Disney Springs.  You’ll find Asian flavors that are representative of Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, and Vietnamese styles.  There is also a sushi bar on the second floor of this restaurant.

We have a full review of Morimoto Asia on the blog.

STK Orlando

STK is a steakhouse located in Disney Springs.  It features a lively atmosphere, including an in-house DJ and outdoor patio.  This is definitely a signature restaurant where you can eat lunch for a lower cost and have a similar experience.

STK Orlando does not take the Disney Dining Plan.

Jaleo by José Andrés

Opening in 2019, Jaleo is one of the newer signature dining restaurants at Disney World.  It also continues the line of celebrity chef operated restaurants.  Jaleo features authentic Spanish style foods, with many of the dishes designed to be shared amongst everyone at the table.  It features an open kitchen where you can watch chefs prepare meals.

We ate here shortly after it opened and have a full review of our dinner at Jaleo on the blog.

Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill

Wolfgang Puck is one of the original celebrity chefs.  He brings his own unique dishes to a signature restaurant at Disney World.  In this case, you’ll find that restaurant in Disney Springs.  Many describe his dishes as California cuisine, but they are distinctly Wolfgang.

Wrapping Up Our Guide to Signature Dining Restaurants at Disney World

There are numerous options when it comes to high end dining at Disney World, and they run a broad spectrum.  We haven’t eaten at all of these restaurants, but we know that there are lots of different opinions on the quality of them.  We’ll continue to add our reviews to this post as we dine at each of these restaurants.


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