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From Single Twenty-Somethings to a Family

Disney Daily Dime was created by the two of us.  The ones in the picture up above.  You probably want to know our names.  Of course you do.  She’s Carla and I’m Mike.  Sorry, no last names for now.  We’re a married couple, with two little girls.  For the purposes of this blog, we’ll call them Anna and Elsa.  But let’s back up a bit and talk about how we got here.

Carla was raised in several states, but if you ask, she’ll say she is from Florida.  Going to Disney World was a multiple time a year event for her and her family. She is what some would call, a Disney Kool-Aid drinker. She comes by it honestly. I knew Carla’s passion for Disney World ran deep after I would repeatedly find her on other Disney related blogs and message boards.  Like every night at bed time.

As for me, well the love of Disney doesn’t come so naturally.  I never actually stepped foot into Disney World until the ripe age of 22.  However, I did have a summer vacation to Disneyland when I was a kid. I even have a picture to prove it.  Look to the right.

We met back in 2001 at a Halloween party that mutual friends of ours were having.  One of us was dressed as some non-descript evil looking thing with a hood and the other as a French maid.  I’ll let you think about who was dressed as what.  We dated for about a year and a half and got married in in 2003.  We almost got married at Disney World, but Carla decided she really wanted a wedding on a beach in the Caribbean.

Over the next 7 years, life was normal.  Post married life started with us getting a couple of dogs that were our first “babies”.  We took regular trips to Disney World, as Carla worked to convince me of how great Disney World was.  We worked in our professional careers, I went back to school and got another degree.  Then we had our first baby, Elsa.  And life was never the same.  We took Elsa to Disney World at the tender young age of 1.  I’m sure we’ll write about that experience somewhere down the line.  Then we had Anna.  We took them back to Disney World at the age of 4 and 2 and then again at 6 and 4.  Anna and Elsa now drink the Kool-Aid too.

Shortly after Anna was born Carla was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called polymyositis.  This particular disease results in significant muscle weakness and soreness.  We’ve adapted and changed our lifestyle to some degree and it has even impacted how we plan our vacations to Disney World, but Carla keeps going for us.

Why did we start Disney Daily Dime?

The idea for the blog was mine (Mike).  I wanted something Carla and I could share as a hobby.  Disney was the logical choice due to her deep love of Disney World, my enjoyment and the kids’ desire to go there frequently.  It’s a great way to bring our family together and hopefully share some of our experiences, opinions, tips and other general knowledge in what is hopefully a fun and entertaining way with you.

Where did the name Disney Daily Dime come from?

Great question.  I know there are lots of fun Disney blogs out there with some great play on words names.  The logic and why we liked this name is simple.  Let’s break it down.  Disney.  Easy enough, we’re blogging about Disney related stuff.  For now, we’re pretty focused on Disney World, but maybe someday we’ll branch out to other parks.  Daily.  We’ll post content on a fairly regular basis, hopefully every day.  We hope you will come give us a read every day (or few days).  Dime.  This is the one that takes a little explaining.  If you’re familiar with basketball, you know that the term “dime”, is another way people describe an assist.  One player helping another play score points…and that is what we hope we are doing here.  We hope we are providing a daily assist to you, for whatever your needs are, on all things Disney theme park related.

Why read Disney Daily Dime regularly?

Let’s be real, there are a lot of other Disney blogs and discussion forums out there.  Some of them are great.  We’ll provide some views on what it’s like navigating Disney World with two little kids, the tips and tricks for planning and actually having a vacation in our own way.  We’ll give you our opinion on the news of the day and goings on within the parks.  Hopefully you will find it unique and insightful.  We don’t expect you’ll agree with us all the time, but hopefully most of it.  You’ll find we don’t take ourselves too seriously.   Hopefully you’ll laugh along the way, enjoy some of our tails and share your stories with all our readers.  You can be a lurker too, that’s okay.  Just so long as you enjoy what we share.

You will also get a balanced view on Disney World.  You will get the view of the Disney enthusiast, Carla, coupled with that of a more analytical and logical person in Mike.  Shocker, Mike doesn’t love all things Disney.  But I do like it enough that I enjoy going and taking the family there.  You’ll also get the view of Anna and Elsa.  We are going to make them a part of the blog, so as we post commentary and experiences, we’ll get their feedback and share it with you.

I love taking pictures at Disney World, so we’ll share plenty of photos of the parks, resorts and anything else that catches our eye.

Mike will also bring a more analytical view for some planning tools and documents.  Did I mention I work in finance?  I know how to build lots of spreadsheets.  Hopefully you will find them useful in planning your next trip.

Lastly, you’ll get Carla’s unique point of view in Carla’s Corner.  A place where she’ll discuss some of her nostalgia for Disney, along with her trials associated with her autoimmune disease as well as living gluten free.

All of the posts are written by us.  We view this as a family affair and we intend to keep it that way.

If you want to write us, feel free to use our contact us page.  We always love to hear from fellow Disney enthusiasts.

If this sounds like something for you, please consider subscribing to our email newsletter below.  Thanks for reading and being a part of our community.


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