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We start our Wild Africa Trek review with a view of waterfalls flowing into the hippo and crocodile waters.

Disney Wild Africa Trek Review

Thinking about different ways to have a unique experience at Disney World? Does the idea of an African Safari excite you (but not the cost or 12+ hour flight) or do you like animals in general? Been to Disney World before and always wanted to have more time to take in Kilimanjaro Safaris? Well, the Disney Wild Africa Trek may be just what you’re looking for. In this article, we’ll provide our complete Disney Wild Africa Trek review, where we’ll show you pictures, talk about some requirements that you MUST know about, hit the highlights on food, animals and more.

A night picture of the Italy pavilion in Epcot, with the moon rising in the back.

Best of the Disney World Internet – October 2018

Welcome to the second installment of a monthly series we post. This is a bit of a recap post. We spend a lot of time reading and watching videos about Disney World to stay up on the latest news and trends. And maybe, just because there’s some fun in it for us! We call this series, the “Best of the Disney World Internet” and this is our October 2018 recap.

Each month, as part of this post we’ll give you what we see as some of the top blog posts, YouTube videos, message board discussions, etc. that we thought were fun, informative or helpful – or all of the above!! We’ll also give you our take on what is reviewed, discussed or otherwise mentioned in the video.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Guide

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Guide

Earlier in this guide we gave an introduction to the FastPass+ system and how to make FastPass+ reservations at Disney World. You will rarely find the high demand rides with nobody riding them, despite what you see on articles cover photo! We’re still not quite sure how that happened at 9:10 AM. Now we are going to cover the “what to do” in our Magic Kingdom FastPass+ guide.

Magic Kingdom is unique compared to the other three Disney World parks, in that it does not have a tiered system of FastPass+ availability. All attractions that offer the FastPass+ option can be reserved by all guests. As of this writing, there are 25 attractions that offer the FastPass+ program. Remember, you can only book three FastPass+ reservations in advance.

Disney World Date-Based Ticket System Debuts

Disney World Date-Based Ticket System Debuts

On Tuesday of this week, Disney World rolled out their new date-based ticket system. And with it most people assumed another price increase. Now that the Disney World date-based ticket system is available for all to see, we’ve gone through the data to see what little nuggets are in there.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the system at a high level and hit on what it means for the cost of going to Disney World. We’ll follow this article up with others that will go into more granular detail about certain pricing options. Check the blog each month, as we will revisit how Disney changes prices from one month to the next. That will be a surefire indicator about where tickets are selling and where they aren’t.


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