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More Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Details Released

It’s hard to believe that we are now less than 30 days away from the return of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Part of that disbelief on our part is that the year is flying by. The other part of it is that Disney has somehow deemed mid-August the right time to start the parties. How better to kick fall off than by torturing cast members and guests alike by making them dress up in Halloween costumes while it is sweltering hot! But I digress.

Disney dropped more Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party details this week (link), so we thought it was time to round up all we know. Disney previously announced that they were making some changes to the party and I guess at the 30 days out mark it was time for them to release some more details. Let’s round up what we know, and maybe we’ll speculate about the party a little bit!

This is the first event where Maleficent is on display at night in the Magic Kingdom

Villains After Hours at Magic Kingdom Review

This summer Disney World started a new after hours hard ticket event. Known as “Villains After Hours”, this event features many similarities to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, but with notable (and generally better) differences. I stayed for the party recently to see what it was all about, and in general I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! Here in our Villains After Hours at Magic Kingdom review, I’ll give you all the details on what is offered, the unique food available during the party, along with my thoughts on its strengths and weaknesses.

Early Morning Magic at the Magic Kingdom

A recent trend at Disney World is to offer “hard ticket” events outside of normal park hours that give you a chance to tour the parks with limited crowds. Sometimes these ‘hard ticket” events include special character meet and greets, parades and other entertainment. The most well-known events are Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, but there are other events. Most special events are held in the evening, which isn’t always suitable for everyone, particularly the demographic of families and groups with small children. While either trying to create offerings for all guest demographics or simply trying to figure out different ways they can get extra money from their guests, Disney began offering “Early Morning Magic” at the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Lunch Review

When Be Our Guest Restaurant opened as part of the Fantasyland expansion in 2012, it instantly because a smash hit restaurant to dine in at Magic Kingdom. As a counter service meal for breakfast and lunch, Be Our Guest offers an incredible themed experience at a relatively good price. If you didn’t know already, based upon the name you can probably surmise that Be Our Guest Restaurant is themed to the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. While we’ve eaten here several times over the years, we recently had lunch at Be Our Guest for the first time since we started the blog. We figured it was time for a review of one of the most popular restaurants in all of Disney World.

Skipper Canteen Review

For those that have been to Disney World before, you probably know the style of humor that is on display on the Jungle Cruise. If you enjoy the nature of the humor then we have got a restaurant for you. The Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen is known more commonly as just Skipper Canteen and it features the same humor as the Jungle Cruise itself. We’ve stopped in here twice in the last year, once with Anna and Elsa and once without. We thought it was worth it to bring them along for this review as the humor is something we wanted to see them react to.

Here you can see Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny at Disney World.

Easter at Disney World

One of the most popular holidays to visit Disney World is Easter. In fact, if you look at ticket prices, you’ll find the week around Easter to be one of the more expensive times of the year. While Easter at Disney World is fun and there are some festive things that they do for the holiday, we certainly don’t consider it anywhere close to what Disney World does for Halloween or Christmas. Not even close.

Here in our guide to Easter at Disney World, we’ll fill you in on what to expect from a crowd perspective, the special happenings, and any other random musings that come to mind.

Carla was very thankful that thee Patriot's Platter is available in a gluten free format.

Liberty Tree Tavern Gluten Free Review

In all of my trips to Disney World over the years, somehow we never made it to Liberty Tree Tavern. On this particular day, we had tickets to attend Mickey’s Very Christmas Party and wanted a hearty, sit down lunch since we knew we would eat a quick serve dinner to save as much time as possible for the party. Liberty Tree Tavern seemed like the perfect choice for this meal.

Here in our Liberty Tree Tavern Gluten Free review, I’ll cover the food but other topics related to the restaurant as well. This will include my experience, service, options and anything else I think others trying to eat gluten free may care about.

Best of Disney World Internet - March 2019

Best of the Disney World Internet – March 2019

Welcome to the next installment of our monthly series that recaps some of the best Disney World related content for the internet. We spend a lot of time reading and watching videos about Disney World to stay up on the latest news and trends. And maybe, just because there’s some fun in it for us! We call this series, the “Best of the Disney World Internet” and this is our March 2019 recap.

Each month, as part of this post we’ll give you what we see as some of the top blog posts, YouTube videos, message board discussions, etc. that we thought were fun, informative or helpful – or all of the above!! We’ll also give you our take on what is reviewed, discussed or otherwise mentioned in the video.

In our Liberty Tree tavern lunch review we'll look at the food, theme and atmosphere.

Liberty Tree Tavern Lunch Review

Liberty Tree Tavern is an opening day restaurant located in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom. As it has been around since day one, this restaurant has a lot of nostalgic charm. In addition, it is perfectly themed to Liberty Square with its colonial American façade and décor inside. The different dining rooms inside are tributes to historical figures of the era: Paul Revere, Betsy Ross, Thomas Jefferson, etc.


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