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Here you can see Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny at Disney World.

Easter at Disney World

One of the most popular holidays to visit Disney World is Easter. In fact, if you look at ticket prices, you’ll find the week around Easter to be one of the more expensive times of the year. While Easter at Disney World is fun and there are some festive things that they do for the holiday, we certainly don’t consider it anywhere close to what Disney World does for Halloween or Christmas. Not even close.

Here in our guide to Easter at Disney World, we’ll fill you in on what to expect from a crowd perspective, the special happenings, and any other random musings that come to mind.

Jaleo at Disney Springs is one of the new restaurants from famous chefs.

Jaleo Disney Springs Review

At long last, the highly anticipated Jaleo restaurant at Disney Springs opened up about a month ago. On our recent trip to Disney, we made reservations for the hot new restaurant to check it out. We’re hardly the first bloggers to eat at Jaleo in Disney Springs, so we had a general idea of what to expect, but there were definitely some things we should have planned out better. We’ll cover that, along with photos of the food, our thoughts on value, ambiance and how to possibly navigate the menu here in our Jaleo Disney Springs review. There was also one weird thing we had not see in other reviews. More on that in a bit.

The Brown Derby is actually a hat.

The Hollywood Brown Derby Lunch Review

The Hollywood Brown Derby is located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It is near the end of Hollywood Boulevard near the studio arch.

The Hollywood Brown Derby was an opening day restaurant when the park opened 30 years ago. It is a replica of the real Brown Derby restaurant in Hollywood and fit perfectly into the theming of the Studios park as the whole Hollywood Boulevard recreates many famous or notable locations in Hollywood. This is the park’s signature dining restaurant.

From the moment you see the exteior of Restaurantosaurus you'll get the sense that this dining locations is a bit all over the place.

Restaurantosaurus Review

Restaurantosaurus is a counter service location at Disney’s Animal Kingdom that features some fairly standard American fare for lunch and dinner. You’ll find it located within the DinoLand U.S.A area of Animal Kingdom. Here in our Restaurantosaurus review we’ll cover our dining experience from a recent trip. The review will include our thoughts on the restaurant’s theming, food and anything else that comes to mind. As usually, we’ll have plenty of pictures to go along with the review.

Carla was very thankful that thee Patriot's Platter is available in a gluten free format.

Liberty Tree Tavern Gluten Free Review

In all of my trips to Disney World over the years, somehow we never made it to Liberty Tree Tavern. On this particular day, we had tickets to attend Mickey’s Very Christmas Party and wanted a hearty, sit down lunch since we knew we would eat a quick serve dinner to save as much time as possible for the party. Liberty Tree Tavern seemed like the perfect choice for this meal.

Here in our Liberty Tree Tavern Gluten Free review, I’ll cover the food but other topics related to the restaurant as well. This will include my experience, service, options and anything else I think others trying to eat gluten free may care about.

The best part of our Disney’s BoardWalk Inn Review is the experience you can have along the boardwalk at night.

Disney’s BoardWalk Inn Review

When it comes to Disney’s BoardWalk Inn, this deluxe level resort certainly knows the number one rule of real estate. Location, location, location… But a prime location doesn’t necessarily mean it is a great resort. Here in on Disney’s BoardWalk Inn review we’ll go in depth on the theming, food, amenities and more to get at if we believe this a resort worth your consideration.

The seating at Garden Grill is in a circle, with two tiers of seating.

Garden Grill Breakfast Review

Garden Grill is located in Epcot’s The Land Pavilion and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. All meals are served family style. It is a notable location for a number of reasons. First, is that it is the only rotating restaurant at Disney World. Second, it is one of only a few restaurants that overlooks a ride. Finally, it is a character meal but given the unique setup of this restaurant, Garden Grill provides a more personal character experience. We will elaborate on all of these further here in our Garden Grill Breakfast review.

Picture of the main dining area at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall Review

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is located in the Norway pavilion at Epcot Center. Its setup is unique in that the meal encompasses an appetizer buffet, individual entrée and family-style dessert. The main draw is of course the princesses that grace you with their enchanting presence during the meal. Belle is the host princess, while Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora typically visit each table in the dining room.

In our Biergarten Restaurant at Epcot review we highlight the food, theme and the polka band!

Biergarten Restaurant at Epcot Review

If you’re heading to Epcot at Disney World, one of the best features of the park is all the country specific pavilions in World Showcase. You get to experience and learn about different cultures, people and of course food! Some of these may be countries that you will never visit in your life, while others may be ones you have already ventured to and want to revisit. Epcot allows you to do just that. One of the countries within World Showcase at Epcot is Germany. In the back of the Germany pavilion you will find the Biergarten Restaurant. Here in our Biergarten Restaurant review, we’ll cover the food, ambiance, service and anything else we think will be useful. As usual, we’ll pepper in associated pictures of it all.

Best of Disney World Internet - March 2019

Best of the Disney World Internet – March 2019

Welcome to the next installment of our monthly series that recaps some of the best Disney World related content for the internet. We spend a lot of time reading and watching videos about Disney World to stay up on the latest news and trends. And maybe, just because there’s some fun in it for us! We call this series, the “Best of the Disney World Internet” and this is our March 2019 recap.

Each month, as part of this post we’ll give you what we see as some of the top blog posts, YouTube videos, message board discussions, etc. that we thought were fun, informative or helpful – or all of the above!! We’ll also give you our take on what is reviewed, discussed or otherwise mentioned in the video.


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