Picture of Rapunzel at the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast at Disney World.

Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast Review

There is no lack of character meals throughout Walt Disney World, especially when it comes to breakfasts at the resorts.  And if you have an 8 and 5-year-old like us, character meals are still lots of fun, for both the kids and the grown-ups.  When Anna heard there was a meal that involved Princess Ariel, she was adamant that we must try it.  The Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast takes place at Trattoria al Forno on the Disney Boardwalk.

Here in our Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast review, we’ll talk primarily about the meal and character interactions.  We won’t really delve into the atmosphere or vibe of the restaurant because the character meal doesn’t really fit within the Italian Trattoria motif of the restaurant.  We’ll save that discussion for when we go back to have dinner.

The Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast Characters Were AMAZING

Okay, I think we have established in the preceding paragraphs and pretty much any article we write that Anna is OBSESSED with Ariel.  So getting to meet her was a huge part of the draw in coming to the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast.  But you get much more than just Ariel.

The Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast is set up so that you get a princess and her respective prince.  The standard rotation is Ariel and Prince Eric along with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.  Disney does have the disclaimer that the character rotation is subject to change, but we’ve never heard of it not being these four characters.

It works much like any other character meal where the characters rotate around the restaurant meeting guests while they dine.  Unfortunately, the princesses and princes don’t rotate around the restaurant together.  Or so we thought…

As the characters rotated around the restaurant, we were first greeted by Rapunzel.  We really enjoyed our interaction with Rapunzel this particular morning.  She was both funny and charming and was extremely attentive with our girls.

The girls were having a great time, when all of a sudden Flynn Rider came out of nowhere and gave all three girls a giant hug.  He was shrieking something,  I don’t honestly remember what it was but it was hilarious.  And this was where the magic truly happened for all of us.  Not just the girls.

Flynn and Rapunzel must have stood together at our table for a solid 3-5 minutes.  They talked about their adventures together, asked our girls what adventures they were going to have that day.  The interaction was so real and genuine, it allowed us all to escape for that brief moment.  Bravo to these two, I say.

Sadly, Flynn had to go back to his rounds and we finished up with Rapunzel.

He did eventually make his way back around to our table, where Elsa had a contest with him of who could give the better smoldering look.  I think Elsa still has a lot to learn about what it means to smolder.

Flynn eventually had to usher off to the next table and we waited for our next guest.

Anna could barely contain herself when Ariel arrived at the table.  I don’t think Anna ever let go of her the entire time she visited with us.  Ariel is what you expect, a bit flighty and youthful, but fun.  However, it felt fresh and unique.  We’ve certainly heard Ariel talk about her dinglehoppers plenty of times in other interactions.  But this wasn’t just Ariel telling part of her story in an friendly , but somewhat rehearsed and detached experience.  She took her time and really had fun with the girls.

And then the magic happened again.  Out of nowhere, Prince Eric joined Ariel at our table.  Now, Prince Eric is a bit more regal than Flynn Rider, so there was no squealing or anything like that.  What there was though, was still a high-quality interaction between Ariel, Eric and our girls.

I will say that once it was just Eric at the table, the interaction quality dropped off a bit.  I think that was more because of the girls’ interest in him in general, coupled with a really great experience with Flynn when he came back by the table.  Prince Eric just doesn’t have some of the more interesting backstory, mannerisms, or general charm that the other three characters do.

All in all, the character interactions were fabulous.  Some of the best we’ve ever experienced at a character meal.  I don’t think you can necessarily count on getting two of them at your table at once, but if you do it makes the meal unbelievably special.  And if you don’t, you should still have an amazing experience.

The Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast Theme

I know I said we wouldn’t really talk about theme here since the restaurant isn’t really in all its Italian splendor during the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast, but I had one small nugget to mention.

You might assume there are some light touches to the restaurant for the character meal.  You would be wrong.  Oh, so very wrong.  The restaurant looks basically just like it does at night.  No little decorations or nods the characters you meet.

Where the theme does show up though is in some of the food.  We’ll discuss it here as we look at the food, but you’ll find several nods to Rapunzel and Ariel in the food selections.

The Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast Food is a STANDARD DISNEY BREAKFAST

Now that we’ve covered the characters, lets talk about the meal.  And not to spoil this part of the review, but I think we can all generally agree that breakfast is not a meal that Disney generally excels at.  At most places that serve breakfast at Disney World, you probably think to yourself that “it’s fine” but that’s about it.  This is probably largely in that same camp, with a few exceptions.

The food actually comes out in courses, but it’s not nearly as elaborate as that makes it sound.  You’ll start with a pan full of pastries, followed by a fruit salad, and then your main breakfast entrée.  In our case, the pastries and fruit salad all came together.  We’ll take a look at these in their components.

One quick note on the food.  As per usual Carla did eat gluten free items and we’ll save those for her dedicated gluten free review.

The Assorted Pastries

As you can see in the picture above, the assorted pastries aren’t just a Danish and bagel or anything so boring.  There’s actually some thought and theming put into it.  They have to do something for the lack of any really theming that ties into the restaurant.

From a serving dish that is a frying pan mirroring Rapunzel’s pan from the movie, to pastries shaped like the sun or a braided pastry invoking Rapunzel’s braided hair, the details are definitely there.  In case you are wondering,  Rapunzel did not try and take the frying pan off our table and hit Flynn Rider with it.  Although it would be funny!

But about those pastries, here’s a little more detail below:

The sun looking pastry is actually like a buttery cookie, coated with powdered sugar.  Very yummy.

The braided bread is a basic pastry at its core.  Do note that it is filled with chocolate.  If you’re not a big chocolate fan, like me, you may not like this one.  If you love chocolate like Anna, you’ll devour the whole thing.  It reminds me of the Cheshire Cat Tail over in the Magic Kingdom’s Cheshire Café, sans the purple icing.

The little pastry with the white dot on it is actually a designed to look like a clamshell in a nod to Ariel.  The white is a pearl.  The clamshell has a raspberry filling on the inside.  The filling was a little sweet for me, but the bread part of the pastry was light and flaky.

Finally, there are a couple of small muffins.  One of them features a confetti look with red, purple and green colors, while the other one is pretty basic blueberry muffin.  The confetti muffin colors are supposed to be colors normally associated with Ariel.  I’d describe them at the weakest attempt at theming the food, but three out of four isn’t bad.

Oh, and the muffins were actually good.  Moist and flavorful, just not as well thought out as the other pastries.

The Fruit Salad is…Well, Fruit Salad

We won’t spend a ton of time on the fruit salad.  It’s pretty basic and what’s there really to say.  It’s fruit.  And what’s in the fruit salad varies seasonally.

A Smoothie to Interrupt the Food

As soon as Elsa got a menu, she immediately saw the fruit smoothie on it.  After some intense begging and pleading, she, Anna and I all ordered a smoothie.  It was good, but I wouldn’t call it great.  The consistency was a little thick for me, but the flavor was delicious although a bit overly sweet.  Anna and Elsa loved it and sucked the drink down quickly.

For Entrees, It’s Pancakes All Around

The kids ordered their “go to” breakfast at almost any restaurant we eat at for breakfast.  That would be pancakes.

The pancakes were cooked well.  When we first got them, I was a little concerned because the outside of the pancakes were very crisp.  I thought that meant the pancakes could be hard on the inside.  Fortunately, they were not.  Rather they were light and airy, just the way a pancake should be.

You can also see the continuation of some of the theming, with some powdered sugar on the pancake in the shape of a fish.

Anna and Elsa enjoyed the pancakes, but they weren’t head over heels in love with them.

For my meal, I too got pancakes.  They were cooked just like the kid’s pancakes.  Crispy on the outside, soft and yummy on the inside.  You’ll notice that my pancakes came with powdered sugar in the shape of a sun.

The adult pancakes come with a seasonal fruit compote.  This was so sweet, I couldn’t eat it.  Man it was sweet.  You may choose to pass if sweet toppings aren’t your thing.

Lastly, Carla ordered the gluten free Mickey Waffles.  We’ll save her complete thoughts for her gluten free dining review, but we will say that they were just okay.  And much like she has experienced at other Disney breakfasts, the gluten free waffles have a tendency to be under cooked.

Overall Thoughts on The Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast

Okay, so the food was good, but nothing crazy over the top delicious.  We kind of skipped this part, but the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast will run you $35 for adults and $20 for kids.

If you’re judging it solely on the merits of the food, it is definitely not worth that price.  Fortunately, it’s not only about the food.  You get four high quality character interactions to go with it.  And for that it is worth it, in our opinion.  We’ve paid for character meals at Cinderella’s Royal Table, Akershus and more and this was probably the best character meal interaction we’ve had.

In addition, it gave us the chance to meet two rare characters in Flynn Rider and Prince Eric, who generally only meet during Halloween and Christmas parties.

If you can get a better character experience while only spending $35, even better.  Because let’s be real, most of these meals are about the experience and the characters, not so much the food.  Note that those other two characters meals mentioned above will set you back around $60 per adult.  This breakfast is a bargain by that comparison and in our view delivers compelling value.

Wrapping Up

With that, we’ll wrap up our Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast review.  It’s a fun meal where you can have some great interactions with four Disney characters.

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