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Disney World To Close Children’s Activity Centers

Disney World has announced that as of August 1st, the children’s activity centers located will be closed.  The clubs are located at the Yacht & Beach Club Resorts, Polynesian Village, and Animal Kingdom Lodge .

The stated reason for closing the children’s activity centers is that there has been dwindling demand over the last few years.  There are other opportunities if you are looking for a night out without the kids or some down time.  Disney still recommends the Kid’s Nite Out service for in room sitting.  Please note that this is not an official Disney service.  They are a third party company that has a relationship with Disney.

For me, this news is kind of sad.  Our girls had a great time each opportunity they had to go to the activity centers.  Playing, meeting characters,spending time with other kids…they thoroughly enjoyed it.  Our kids are getting old enough that they probably won’t make a stop there too much longer, so the direct impact will be fairly small.  I know as a parent, having one night of down time for just Michelle and I was valued greatly.  This was a great avenue to do it in my opinion.

Now that it is official the children’s activity centers are closing, I wonder what will take the spaces that were occupied by these clubs?

What do you think about this news?  Drop down into the comments section and let us know!


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